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Center for NanoScience (CeNS)


Please note: New applications are currently not possible!


Please submit only your unsolicited applications via this tool! Availability of PhD positions depends on the specific research group you apply for.



How to apply


In order to apply for a position at CeNS, you have to register first. You will instantly receive a confirmation email with an activation link. You will then be able to enter your application details. Once registered, you will be able to edit all fields until you submit your entire application. During this process you can always login and logout without losing your data. In order to validate your application, you have to press the button "submit application"! After submission, you will not be able to make any further changes, but you can see your application throughout the whole process. Applications which are not submitted cannot be considered.


Requirements for a PhD 


  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent in either the field of physics, chemistry or life sciences
  • Master Degree or equivalent in one of the same fields which was completed not more than 1 year before the application
  • Excellent grades
  • Very good command of the English language
  • Strong scientific motivation
  • Interest in interdisciplinary research
  • Participation in scientific seminars and workshops


Research projects


Please check our website for research groups you might be interested in and indicate at least one group which raised your interest. To complete your application you have to add a proposal for the research you would like to perform in the chosen group.



Letters of reference


To complete your application, two letters of reference are required. Templates are available for download. The letters should be sent by email to the program office (address is given on the template) by the referees and not by the applicant! Please make sure that the recommendation letters arrive no later than 2 weeks after the date when you submitted your application!



Evaluation procedure


All submitted applications will be pre-evaluated and, upon positive evaluation, forwarded to the corresponding project leader. The project leader will then evaluate your application and decide if he/she can offer you a position.



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